Journey to the Roots

When talking about the roots, I invite you to visit those experiences in life that have left a mark on me along the way. A trace thanks to which I can retrace the path and find that experience, reliving it inside me.

They are like roots, which nourish and sustain.

They are learning experiences.

Encounter experiences.

Inspirational experiences.

Experiences that give color to the road.

And at the same time, they are very special roots, because they are light and with infinite flexibility. They accompany me, connect me and wake me up.

Roots that with the love of the past, give courage to the present and hope to the future, turning time into one.

Where I go, they come; and they do not need any anchor, but with each new step, they become wings with which to take flight.

Roots that have allowed me to believe in the transformative, expressive and communicative capacity of art and, together with my team, design education and artistic creation programs that bring the experience of art closer to the daily reality of people and that invite the exploration of new paradigms in the way of relating to ourselves, with others and with the planet.

To all the people, encounters, elements and places that are part of these special roots, thank you.

Events, meetings and places

People and characters


Elements and essences