Photo: Ainoa Soler

"What you seek, is seeking you"

Rumi, Persian poet

There are people and beings in life, who inspire us and accompany us. With which any idea or project becomes an exciting journey to travel and learn together. All of them have left, continue to leave, and I am sure they will leave a trail of light in all the projects you find on this website in the future.

All these people and beings are the team with which projects acquire meaning, develop wings, dream of what is hidden beyond the horizon, and ultimately, they are flooded with life.

Inspiring Projects

Likewise, there are projects that inspire; that they awaken something within oneself, which perhaps waited a long time to be awakened; that shake us; that surprise us, and invite us to ask ourselves many questions.

Here, a small selection of those projects, and the most sincere invitation to discover more about them:

If you have been inspired to visit these projects,

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