Spaces in which research, listening, respect and care find a place.

The proposals that you can find collected here are proposals that are based on curiosity, the desire to learn and the desire to share. In a way, they become journeys of self-knowledge. A journey in which the exploration of the limits of what is possible, the freedom of choice, the dignity of the human being, the ability to learn to learn or the quality of our daily actions, are some of the seasons through which we are invited. to make a stop.

Direct contact with nature and its different forms (forests, beaches, fields, trees, living beings ...) is a baggage that accompanies us throughout the proposal, and gives us much more than we could imagine.

For people who dance, and are used to learning movements with their body, the new and fresh exploration that the Feldenkrais perspective proposes, will awaken a new horizon of possibilities to discover.


Feldenkrais retreats


The Feldenkrais experience in nature and forest baths


The Feldenkrais experience in dance

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